Dear Microsoft: We appreciate your prompt payment.

Playing in the website design space is fun, but not always. If you are not a web designer than you probably know little about the work that goes into making a website “look” great. There are at least 5 major web browsers that the majority of people use. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (6 and 7/Win) being the most common, Firefox (Win/Mac), and then finally Safari (Mac).

Each one the browsers on each platform render a given website in different ways. What looks great in Safari may look terrible in IE 7. Rather then go into all the details of why and how, I am going to skip right to the point of this post. Web Designers spend hours, lots of additional hours working on websites that look great in all browsers, but look terrible in Internet Explorer 6. Unfortunately IE6 still commands a very large % of browser usage and therefore designers are forced to “hack” the code that looks great and renders “to standard” in other browsers. These hacks take time, and are necessary due to IE6’s non support of these official standards.

Dear Users, PLEASE get a copy of Firefox or upgrade to IE7 (still crummy but better), your web experience will be greatly enhanced, we promise.

Okay now really to the point. Microsoft, Pay up. It’s time to reimburse us for all the hours spent hacking flawless markup to make it work in your browser. Here is the invoice for time spent by our staff over the last 5 years “fixing” compliant markup to render correctly in IE6. We appreciate your prompt payment. Thank you.


4 thoughts on “Dear Microsoft: We appreciate your prompt payment.

  1. Andrew

    My company charges a little bit more than a third of that. We’re not as experienced as you guys, but we have the ability to turn out some pretty good projects, especially at our price point.

    We’re planning on raising prices soon, however, and it’s nice to hear that someone is able to charge higher prices, as there is a lot of overhead that goes on with a business that most individual workers don’t understand.

    Nice original post, by the way. Made me laugh 🙂

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