Flare9.com Enters Beta


We have been plugging away for about 5 months on our new website builder application, Flare9.com.

Flare9.com is a simple and easy to use website builder that will allow you to create your own website without hassle. Built upon WordPress 2.1, flare9 has automated the hosting, domain registration, site install and setup process, to create a website in a matter of minutes. And the best part is, We (obu) have designed the website templates so it is virtually impossible for the customer to build an ugly website. Well almost impossible.

The go to market strategy of flare9.com is thus: Medium and large web design agencies simply cannot serve low cost clients (-$3000) effectively. Therefore the client leaves unhappy and the firm looses out on potential revenue. We are targeting these web design agencies as affiliate partners to refer these low-yield clients to flare9.com for a referral fee. The agency makes money, flare9.com makes money, and the client gets a great professional website they can edit themselves within their budget. Everybody wins.
Flare9.com is entering beta this week for a 2 week final testing cycle before an official launch early March.