High School Athletes Get a New Tool for College Recruiting

(PRWEB) April 7, 2005 — With the launch of Inzonesports.com , High School Athletes have another tool to get noticed by college recruiters, and to get to the next level. Inzonesports.com is an Internet stat tracking and recording system for high school athletes. Inzonesports.com allows members to track detailed player statistics across any of these 8 sports: Basketball, Baseball, Football, Soccer, Softball, Volleyball, Golf, and Tennis. The resources found at Inzonesports.com will help you to increase your chances to play your sport for a University.

Inzonesports.com members can track their stats at any time, from any place. However, Inzone is not just a stat tracking service. Inzone athletes can take their professional quality stat sheets and bios, and send them to their college of choice using the PDF Builder. Don’t know which college you would like to attend? Use Inzone’s University Search to research and compare over 2000 colleges to find the one that’s perfect for you. More colleges are added periodically. The Inzone stat tracking system, PDF Builder, and University Search are all very simple to use. If you know how to check and send emails, you will be able to use Inzoneports.com with ease. You can even use Inzonesports.com to read all of the latest sports news around the world from major sports news resources. You can read general sports news, or news that is specific to your sport of choice. Inzone even offers Prep Sports News from throughout the country.

Season by Season, Game by Game, Stat by Stat, High School Athletes can showcase their performance with customized letters of interest including personal bios, photos, and career statistics to any of the over 2000 colleges in the Inzonesports.com Database. Inzonesports.com will give you the edge you need to compete with today’s highly competitive athletes, and take control of your athletic future. Bottom Line, athletes are judged by the numbers they produce. What are your numbers? Track them at Inzonesports.com

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