Paid + Organic = ROI

I recently found a great article discussing the delicate balance between Paid Search, and Organic Search Engine Optimization. iMedia Connection: The Subsidy Cost of Paid Search

The Author asks an interesting question:

From a search marketing perspective the question that really begs to be answered is: Should you be paying for search traffic and ultimately conversions if you appear organically in a top position where the sale would occur without you having to pay for it?

The interesting point here is whether the cost of PPC is necessary when one already has top organic rankings for competitive terms.

We prescribe a balanced approach to our customers, one which ogranic SEO and Paid Search are used together on an overall marketing strategy. Mr Lieb seems to agree.

In conclusion, organic and paid search are two vital components of a very dynamic advertising medium. However, they are often managed independently of each other. They should not be managed in silos but rather as an integrated whole to understand the interplay.