Rebooters Ball

We participated in the Spring 2006 CSSreboot, where many designers relaunch new designs all in one day. All the designs submited are voted on by the masses.

Let us first say, WOW, what an interesting experiance. There were thousands of designs submitted, from every corner of the design spectrum. The quality of work was amazing. The voting seemed a bit off as some really great sites were overlooked, and some not so steller ones were voted to the top. I am sure the well known designers rode a bit of thier popularity to the top, yet I am sure many took some spiteful knocks as well.

Regardless, had a strong showing, consistently among the top 10% or so. I am proud of my efforts, and the efforts of our staff here at obu, that created this sexy new website we call home.

Here is a list of what I consider to be a few of the overlooked gems

All in all, it was a great experiance. Now back to work serving our valued customers.