Refresh Phoenix 2.0 – Refreshingly Relevant

What it was, was the second meeting of Refresh Phoenix. It is hard to define, but essentially a group of like minded internet professionals that wish to make Phoenix a hub of web based design, application programming, and general internet glory.

I would sum the meeting up with two words. Relevancy and Ruby. Relevancy – because I believe this is what the core purpose of the group is, whether or not it has been defined. Everyone in that room wanted to be relevant. Relevant to the NOW, relevant to what is happening on the w3; web 2.0, ruby, ajax, standards CSS, you name it. It almost takes on a ‘dont be left behind’ feel to it. The web is changing so fast, in such a dramatic way that if one sits on thier hands for more than a week, you are ‘out of the loop’.

The second word, Ruby is for Ruby on Rails, This hybrid programming framework is getting a fair amount of buzz, and this seemed to dominate a fair amount of the conversations; what is it?, how does it work?, can you show me this…?, When can get to together…?

All in all I believe it is a spectactular idea to bring together so many diverse people, specialing in all aspects of w3, I look forward to this loose organization growing, and becoming a guiding force in Phoenix’s long term web direction.