Link Popularity Quality SEO Services

Link popularity is the primary way of building rankings within the current Google algorithm. Essentially it works likes this, the more links to your website, the more relevant your website will be considered, and therefore will rank higher. aka Community Relevancy.

Quality vs Quantity

Just a few short years ago, any link would help your website rank better. Now in the search engine optimization game, quality prevails. What does a quality link look like?.

  • Link is coming from a relevant website (Similar topic or industry)
  • Link is in a prominent location
  • Link uses your keywords as anchor text (the text that is highlighted)
  • Link is coming from a high ranking site
  • Link is “embedded” within relevant copy/paragraph
  • Link does not have the “no-follow” tag
  • Link is one of only a few outbound links on that page
  • Link is non-reciprocal

Link Building is a Public Relations Campaign

Building incoming links is vital to achieving top rankings. Crafting solid, well-written content, and providing some sort of value to the viewer will naturally encourage people to link to your website. Yet you can accelerate the process. A link popularity campaign looks like:

  • Some Reciprocal linking
  • Buying links on other sites
  • Adding your link to blog comments, and forum posts
  • Submitting press releases for global syndication
  • Asking site owners to place a link to your website
  • Article dissemination
  • Submission and purchase of placement in major/minor directories
  • Offering awards or badges to encourage links to your website

Our link popularity building services are focused on gaining quality incoming links to your website to aid in search engine rankings. This service is included in our search engine optimization services.

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