The Search Engine Optimization SEO Process

First a little search engine optimization background…

The goal of search engine optimization, believe it or not, is to optimize a given website for top rankings in the search engines. When your potential customer fires up their web browser and sees that Google home-page begging to be used, they have a clear idea of what they are looking for. They type in a few words describing their idea, and up comes a list of websites, ranked from #1 (Most Relevant Match) to some insanely high number like half a billion. In order for that potential customer to find your website, and buy your product or service, you MUST be near or at the top of list.

Our Search Engine Optimization Process

Search engine optimization is about building relevancy. The more relevant your website is to your audience, the more likely it will appear in the top results. Our Search engine optimization process focuses on making your website the most relevant, through Contextual Relevancy, and Community Relevancy. Our process analyzes, adjusts, and promotes the relevancy of your website.

1. Keyword and Audience Analysis

Identify your audience and the search terms they use to find products and services like yours. We perform in depth analysis of user search habits to isolate keyword terms that will drive interested traffic to your website in masses.

2. Detailed Competition Analysis

The first place to look for top rankings in your industry is your competitors. We analyze rankings factors that your top ranking competitors are benefiting from to further define our strategy.

3. Tactical Planning

The war plan. We compile our analysis to create the search engine optimization plan to get you to the top.

4. Contextual Relevancy Creation

Either modifying an existing website, or creating a new SEO Compatibleâ„¢ website that is focused on your keyword terms, establishes the contextual relevancy of the website. Creating clean file structures and building keyword density promote relevancy.

5. Community Relevancy Creation

Press release, link buys, directory placement, and other forms of link popularity building add community relevancy to your website. Simply put, if other quality websites link to yours, your website will rank higher.

6. Detailed Reporting and Monitoring

Always accountable for our results, we track and monitor the progress of the campaign to identify strengths and correct weaknesses to ensure consistent top rankings across the major search engines.

7. Further Analysis and Promotion

There may be a point of saturation, but we have yet to find it. Continual optimization of the website stabilizes top rankings and combats fluctuations in the ranking algorithms. If you stop moving forward, others pass you by.

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