SEO = Trust

We follow Todd’s blog pretty closely as he is a proven expert in SEO. His comments below really frame the discussion regarding SEO.

» 12 Easy Quality Indicators to Combine to Prove Trust – Stuntdubl – SEO Consultant

Pay attention to what is credible to both users AND someone with a search relevance quality mindset. Everyone says optimize for users – try optimizing your site for to convince a savvy threadwatch readin’, affiliate site buildin’ fickle user that you are credible, and it will probably help your SEO efforts these days.

These are the easy ways – you have to work them together and THINK about what would indicate quality on a mass level. Seriously folks, quality indicators = trust. It’s not about keyword stuffing and link bombing anymore…SEO is about proving you’re trustworthy – it makes it even easier when you actually ARE – but even if you ARE – you have to know how to SHOW that you are. Let the damn dog sniff your hand!

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