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Web Application Development

The Internet Is Our Favorite Operating System

Delivering just a marketing focused web site is not enough in the information age. Web users expect a level of interaction beyond just link clicking and flash animations. Here are a few examples of the web applications we custom build:

Product Catalog & Ordering

There’s more to E-Commerce than just shopping carts. You may require online verification, real-time transactions, custom shipping rules or order fulfillment that talks to your existing inventory software. We offer several ready-to-integrate commercial and custom developed solutions to help you sell online.

Searchable Directory

Have an idea for providing a specialized directory of professionals that consumers can search? We have the solution ready today. A member-based system with a customizable front end, proximity search (zip code) that’s ready to add your custom fields.

Content Management System

We believe in empowering our clients to edit and maintain their own web sites. Supporting both commercial and open source content management systems is how we deliver on this promise. Web-based editing systems allow you to control your own content, whether its uploading images, changing text or creating entirely new sections on your site.

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