Why your competition isnt

Everyone who owns a business does what they do for different reasons and motives. You may sell cars, build houses or provide professional services. Whatever you’re doing, there’s this common belief that your business must compete in a pre-defined space and that others in this same space have to be beaten. You’re supposed to out-smart, out-sell, out-position or otherwise destroy others who share your same market.

I beg to differ and will use my own company as an example. We provide professional level web design, development and search engine optimization services and what do you know? There are thousands of other companies claiming to do just the same. Are they my competition? I say “no”. This company has no competition.

This company…

  • Is directed by a singular purpose: service. We serve; we don’t sell.
  • Focuses on market creation, not market share.
  • Never takes no for an answer.
  • Considers its greatest investment the minds of the employees.
  • Sets and achieves daily goals for success.
  • Adapts to be relevant to both client needs and technological advances.
  • Operates from a psychology of excellence.

Does this sound like a company that has competitors? These are my statements and thoughts of how I perceive this company. This perception does not allow room for comparison.

Do you think that if you thought of your company this way as well, whether you sell cars or build pools, that in your mind a comparison could ever be made between your company and another? Of course not. I suggest you stop worrying about your “competition� as they only exist in your own mind. There are always going to be people doing the same work as you and even doing it better in some aspect. Only you decide if you are going to fear, envy, or compete against them. Don’t try to be like them; create your own vision and be the one and only company like it.

This company does not have competition and neither does yours. The perceived notion of competition is that you are just like them, or in fact worse – because they are doing it better than you. Are they better than you? Who says: them or you?