5 Basic tips to Promote your Website

Your website is a means to sell, promote, and market your goods and services. Here are 5 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tips that will help your website move up in the search engine rankings, to bring in more prospects. Search Engines look at your website and grade it on a points scale. Everything you can do to increase your points value, will increase your rankings in search engine results.

1. Choose 2 or 3 “keyword phrases” describing your product or services. Think of a phrase someone would use to search for a website like yours. “Arizona Web Design”, “Goodyear Real Estate”, “Term Life Insurance”, try to strike a balance between being to broad or to specific. Too broad and you will be buried among the competition, Too focused you limit your audience.

2. Use relevant keyword phrases and use them throughout your website Title, Description, Keywords, Links, and Copy. This is called “Keyword Density”. Be Careful not to overdo it, but use your keyword phrases as often as you can while maintaining good information flow for the Human viewer.

3. Bold and Italics. Use the Bold and Italics tags to emphasize your Keyword phrases. This helps readability as well as adds a few points to your score.

4. Get as many inbound links (IBL) with keyword heavy anchor text to your site as possible. – Search Engines love links, your website is given “points” by the more links pointing to your site. Anchor Text is the linked text that is actually highlighted. So Arizona Web Design is the Anchor text of a link pointing to http://obuweb.com. You can approach other sites to offer a “link exchange”. Relevancy counts, so try to avoid Viagra links unless you deal in pharmacy/medical products. High profile IBL’s also greatly enhance your search engine positioning. A link from amazon.com to your site is tops, while a link from joestrouthaus.com is not given as many points.

5. Participate in online forums, or discussion boards. This is a great place to add your Keyword Anchor Text link to your profile signature. That is one free link for every time you post.

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