New Report- Web Design focused on ROI

Arizona Web Design company obu Web Technologies has just released an informative report on how to gain Positive ROI from your website. Below is a short excerpt. Download the Entire Report in .pdf here.

The days of build it and they will come are over and have been for some time. The Internet hype of the late 90’s lead many business to invest in a website for the sake of “getting on the WWW bandwagon”. The net result is millions of non-performing, outdated websites that sit idle on the Internet, incurring monthly costs with negative ROI (Return on Investment).

There is a new dawn of the Internet happening right now. The hype is over and measurable results is all that matters when considering a website. Does it make you money? Does it enhance your brand? Does it drive sales leads, and bring in prospects? In short, Does your website provide measurable ROI.