Consulting 101

Good blog post regarding consulting. What’s appropriate for your size business.

Remember this: Companies don’t do business with companies. People do business with people. No matter what, the finial decision to work with your company comes down to a PERSON making the choice to work with YOU.

Changing Tact.

I took a few minutes and revamped the site. WordPress is so great like that, 1-2 hours and you have a brand new feel.  I also tweaked the language on the homepage to be what I feel, much more reflective of the true reality of the current marketplace.

It reads raw, but think about it: As a business you specialize in your core business, not the web, that’s our business. Our business is to help your business do more on the web.

We truly want you to win. Lets talk.

Better Websites, Fast.

We have been working the last few months on new small business website offering. Need a great looking and easy to website, but not for the big agency price?

Launching August 2009 is, a website builder tailor made for you. Hosting + Personalized Domain + Email + built in website editor and blog. is based on WordPress, with over 10 million users wordpress is the most widely uses web publishing tool. Better Websites, Fast. Learn more at
better-websites-fast-create-your-own-website-with-the-pagely-website-builder_1249551406534 Email Server API via WP

picture-22 is a new product we are developing that allows for quick creation of WordPress based websites, complete with hosting, domain name registration and email service.

This is  screen shot of the WordPress backend of a site.  We created an API that allows the client to administer email services back on the server without having to login to a separate panel.

After Authenticating the user is able to create and modify aspects of email accounts such as adding mail alias, setting redirects, and changing mail account passwords.

SVN and Codeigniter Base

We have been using the php framework codeigniter for sometime on many a project (bestpartyever, ultimatervrentals, in conjunction with source control SVN.

Just a heads up to whomever else works like this.. Here are a few notes.

We do something similar like you will find in this article:

Moving the app folder out of the main CI install keeps things easy. Our file system looks like:

/CI/ SVN External: system

This insures we always have the latest CI core running and keeps the .htaccess files tidy.

A decent auth lib we have used a lot is dx_auth It needs a few tweaks after install to work the way we want, but overall is reall nice.

Announcing, Create your own website fast

pagely-site-creator_1243458892474We are happy to announce the pending launch of, a website builder we have created to provide a complete online website solution for small businesses. lets you create your own website with just a few clicks of a mouse. Every site is fully customizable with dozens of provided themes/templates and the ability for users to add their own. Powered by the wordpress, has many built in features that make keeping your website up to date a cinch. also provides users with their own domain name, and email service. A complete small business website builder.

  • Your Own Domain Name
  • Dozens of professionally designed themes to choose from
  • Webmail Email Service
  • Built in Website Editor
  • Your Own Logo
  • SEO Friendly
  • Built in Blog
  • Save Time and Money
  • Powered by WordPress will launch mid-summer.

Party Planning is Fun Again

We are very proud and much relieved to have re-launched BPE is a website we own and operate an has often times been the forgotten child, but is now the center of our portfolio. is an online community that helps you plan that special event. Find thousands of free party ideas, recipes, special event vendors to hire, and party planning tips from industry professionals. A suite of party planning tools also makes it super easy to manage the details of your party with guestlists, online invites, budget calculators, event schedules, and to-do lists.

We are extremely excited to offer all this party goodness to the public. Please check it out, and enjoy.


New Projects

We have been tinkering on some side projects and are happy to release: – Rate your Flickr photos allows you to pull photos from yours are anyone else flickr account and rate them in a vs. style contest. Rate your flickr photos now.

screen-capture-1 – The ultimate Twitter Avatar Battle

Do you twitter? lets you rate your friends Avatars in a vs. style content. The ultimate twitter avatar battle is going on now.