Site Reboot. New CSS Design, New website that rocks.

We are happy to unveil the new design for As part of the Annual May1reboot and the CSS Reboot, we thought it was a good time revamp the already award winning We opted to keep the same feeling, yet attempted to clean up the layout by adding spacing, and removing some elements.




Well you are looking at it. Comments, Thoughts? Please share them in the comments section. Also if you feel so inclined please go the following 2 sites and vote for us.

Vote at

Vote at (search by name, find obu)

Back to your regular scheduled programming.

9 thoughts on “Site Reboot. New CSS Design, New website that rocks.

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  2. Joshua Strebel Post author

    Well for whatever reason the voting system on seems to have been busted all day. Everyone I have spoken with has said they attempted to, but were unable to vote. What do you do?

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