Web Design Process

Our Process to ensure your success

Billions of websites are out there competing for the attention of your audience. How do you maximize your chance of success? Simple, plan for success. Our web design process has been refined to deliver quality from start to finish. The focus of the process to to ensure the 3 things are addressed.

1. Know Your Outcome

This is the crucial first step that dictates the entire project. A series of questions help us determine your goals for the website project, so that we can focus the rest of our process on meeting those goals.

  • Is your website a sales tool, a storefront, or a digital business card?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • How will you measure success?
  • In what time frame do you wish to achieve your goal?

2. Requirements Gathering

Now that we know what we are working towards, we must figure out the nuts and bolts of the operation. The devil is in the details. Defining what your website actually does, and how to best accomplish it creates the scope of work, and technical specifications for your project. Both parties now have a clear understanding of the project details and final estimates of labor, time, and cost are presented.

3. Tactical Planning

The scope of work is broken down into its components and milestones for completion are created. Individual components are assigned to specific team members with time and resource allocation being scheduled.

4. Plan Execution

The first 3 processes culminate in the execution of the tactical plan. Code is written, graphics are created, content is written. Everything that needs to happen for the website to become a reality takes place accordingly.

5. Refine, Test, and Deliver

Nearly finished now, the project is subjected to usability tests, bug screening, and final graphical and content refinements. Upon delivery the project undergoes further monitoring to ensure operation to specifications.

6. Promote and Market

All of the planning and proverbial blood, sweat, and tears is all for nothing if no one sees it. Advanced Search Engine Optimization, Internet Marketing, Press release optimization, etc., are all used to drive visitors to the new website. Continued refinement and testing of the marketing message is employed to ensure optimal user conversion.

7. Analyze and Adjust

If you stop moving, everyone will pass you by. Continued marketing and support will keep the website fresh, and relevant. Additions or upgrades are performed to further enhance user experience. Data collected from users interaction habits is analyzed to recommend further modifications if needed.

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